Wednesday 23 May 2012

If Only There Was An Estate Agent In The Mix…

…it’d be the ‘Perfect Storm’ of unsympathetic figures losing out big time!
Social worker Sylvia Henry won a libel action against The Sun, which made false allegations about her over the Baby P case, but she now faces the possibility of being almost £300,000 out of pocket.
That's the amount of shortfall in the legal costs she is able to claim from the paper's publisher, News Group Newspapers (NGN).
Social workers, lawyers and newspapermen in ‘Can’t they all lose?’ drama!

Oh dear, so sad, too bad…

But why is she so out of pocket?
Following that hearing, the London legal firm that acted for Henry, Taylor Hampton, have been seeking costs from NGN. It exceeded the previous agreed amounts, it said, because of the way the defence was conducted.
Master Hurst said NGN has "mounted a vigorous and lengthy defence which was amended four times. They served 10 lists of documents.
"I do not suggest that the defendant was not entitled to act as it did, but it cannot now try to pass off this constantly changing scenario as being no more than a minor inconvenience to the claimant."
But the costs judge said that Henry's lawyers had "largely ignored the provisions of the practice direction" in relation to the budgeting of costs.
He suggested that Henry's lawyers should have raised the matter of the extra costs earlier in the litigation and he therefore ruled in NGN's favour.
Hmmmm. Maybe she can find another set of lawyers to sue the first set for incompetence?

*gets popcorn*


Anonymous said...

What's latin for 'let the suer beware'?

Anonymous said...

O/T ; Have you seen this one? All over the Wail yesterday, lucky he wasn't lynched in between.

And yet when they SHOULD release photos they don't citing all the usual HR nonsense.

JuliaM said...

Odd! It doesn't say in the article itself that it's the wrong photo, though...

Anonymous said...

Rarely do we have a better opportunity to thank the service for moments when really good policing provides exceptionally good results. Police have just released images of a train passenger, in his post-coital slumber, three months after this pervert's serious sexual attack on a nice lady. The cad, who should not be approached by unarmed members of the public, is wanted for the sickening attack.

The lady, who cannot be named, was asleep on the 6.30am train from London Euston to Birmingham on February 15 when she woke to find a stranger groping her chest.
After leaving the carriage in shock she returned to take a picture of the degenerate.

An excellent job, deserv....oh, just hang on.....erm....

WB&G Police Press Officer said...

West Bungle and Geoffrey Police would like to make it clear that the very normal looking picture we realeased earlier of a very nice man....looks nothing like anybody we want to question....about anything. Thank you all for being a wonderful public.