Friday 11 May 2012

Yet More Credulous Fools On The Bench...

Presiding magistrate Roger Forder said McGregor's behaviour was "bizarre in the extreme" and he may have acted totally out of character because his drinks were spiked.
The magistrates imposed an absolute discharge – which is still a conviction but with no penalty – in the hope that this would not jeopardise McGregor's chance of a visa for America.
"We hope that's enough to support your case to get in to America," said Mr Forder.
I rather doubt, should he act in a US bar the way he did in the one in Cleethorpes, that he'll be returning, except in a pine box...


Anonymous said...

Did you read the comments

“The court heard Hines and McGregor had caused and contributed to violence or
disorder.They had both received a reprimand for a public order matter on January 31,ust before a Bradford against Grimsby Town match.
They had also been involved in a number of incidents at the Bournemouth
against Grimsby match on April 25.On the day of the away game against Bournemouth, Hines and McGregor goaded and chased rival supporters through Bournemouth and rushed along the front of the seated area towards the segregation line, where police had to push them back.They were also involved in disorder on the cricket pitch outside the Bournemouth ground.Both were also involved in trouble before the away match against Bradford. Police described the two as total no-hopers living in a fantasy land and they would certainly be appearing in court in the future. McGregor is currently having his name tattooed on his hand as this will remove the need in the future for people to be asked "Do you know who I am" by him as he obviously forgets.”

Woman on a Raft said...

Another commenter thinks that it is most unlikely that he would have a US sports scholarship due to not being that good as a player.

JuliaM said...

Testing text entry on iPhone...

Conniesdad said...

I hope he soon learns that however 'ard you think you are there is always someone 'arder or madder.

JuliaM said...

"Did you read the comments"

Yes, I saw those references to previous appearances before the court!

"I hope he soon learns that however 'ard you think you are there is always someone 'arder or madder."

If he has to learn it in the US, it's likely to be a lesson he doesn't forget.

Anonymous said...


In this instance you maybe being unkind to the Bench, it is in all probability that the magistrate is aware that he is a talentless no-hoper. However a talentless no-hoper in America where the police have stricter ways with delusional muppets is a way of removing the problem. If he does time in an American jail it is not costing the British taxpayer anything.

In this instance the magistrate maybe thinking laterally.