Wednesday 9 May 2012

"Ha Ha! Just Kidding!"

During her last appearance at the city centre court in March, the judge, Recorder Phillip Mott QC told a weeping Hardy said it was "almost inevitable" that people who take drugs into prison go to prison.
Good job he put in that 'almost', isn't it?
...yesterday after being described by her barrister as "Wonder Woman" for kicking her drug habit, a 12 months sentence suspended for 12 months was yesterday handed down to her.
During her previous court appearance Crown Prosecution Service prosecutor, Alistair Verheijen, told Plymouth Crown Court that in November 2011, Hardy handed a wrap of 12g of cannabis hidden in her bra to a prison officer after a sniffer dog had detected the drug.
While being held in a visitors' room covered by CCTV, Hardy was seen to be watching a plant pot, this time found to contain a wrap of 6.18g of heroin.
She denied all knowledge of it, but later told police she had been threatened by "Scousers" who told her to take the drugs to her son.
*shocked face*

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Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Crown Prosecution Service prosecutor, Alistair Verheijen XX

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