Wednesday 2 May 2012

Never, Never, Never, Never, Never....

...never, never, NEVER, give money to these greedy, grasping, animal-loathing, political bastards:
The RSPCA, which also inherited £30,000 in premium bonds from Mr Brown, said: ‘Mr Brown wished us not to sell the land for building though this wasn’t a binding condition of the will.
The RSPCA has used the money for its animals.’
You mean it's used it on yet more soft furnishings for its plush headquarters, or fancy PR campaigns for political policy, or smooth-talking lawyers to try to squeeze another drop out of a bequest?

You'll never get a penny from me. Ever.


Macheath said...

Ah, but, you see, they need the money to fund rescue centres for wildlife displaced by land development...and they can even demonstrate that a pressing need now exists in this very area.

I suppose it's because their primary focus is 'cruelty' that they seem strangely blinkered to the idea of conservation; animals going about their business in the wild clearly doesn't enter into their scheme of things at all, but get them into a rescue centre and now we're talking!

Even Orwell at his bleakest never managed to come up with anything quite as cynical as the RSPCA.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"You'll never get a penny from me"

Oh, yes they will.

Courtesy of the tax-man.

That's how "modern" charities work.

Michael Fowke said...

It's hard to know which charities to trust these days. It's a shame we can't take our money with us. I'm getting a pyramid, myself.

A salt and battered said...

An almost unbelievable betrayal has my contempt and disgust. The very generous disposition of most decent folk towards the RSPCA may now have run its course.

Whilst it remains to be seen if the full consequences of this faithless deception are temporary, we can have full confidence that no bad situation ever gained prominence which further teams of 'smooth-talking lawyers' couldn't worsen and exploit.

Mark In Mayenne said...

I thought I'd seen the ultimate in cynicism, but I reckon this one tops them all. Money talks, animals don't.

Anonymous said...

B*st*rds. They ought to rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

At a wedding last year in Ibiza(the bride was from the island), my wife and I sat beside a nice couple who were staying in the 5 star hotel where the wedding reception was being held (my wife and I were staying in a nice 3 star about a mile away). During our conversations, I happened to mention that we were retired (hence the 3 star hotel). He was one of the area finance directors of the RSPCA and his wife was a self-employed consultant contracted long term to the RSPCA and the income they derived from the charity explained why they were staying in a 5 star hotel (not counting the yacht at the end of their garden on the Solent or their pied-a-terre in Cadiz. They didn't seem to understand the irony when I mentioned they appeared to be living the high life on the odd 50pence donations from old ladies. Only local charities for me from now on.

Anonymous said...

Apologies for an O/T comment. Gadget is currently excavating a new low for the reputation of police. The digging, which is proceeding on an industrial scale, is worthy of a visit....if only to contrast plod mentality with JuliaM's well-honed comments.

A post to enjoy with the rare indulgencies of popcorn and brandy.

jaded said...

I didn't think you could go two posts without another sad dig MTG.It must really be playing on your nerves being banned from Gadget.
Why don't you start your own blog like your fellow half-wit CR and we get the feel for the man behind the wisecracks and charming quips.And then you can ban me!

nisakiman said...

Yes, that's how "charities" work these days.

There's a whole plastics industry dependent on giveaway pens; forests of trees felled for the promotional guff; a postal service geared to and financed by it; armies of chuggers paid for with those donations, and directors on executive salaries.

And if they're lucky, those in whose name the charity has been set up might see a couple of percent trickle down to them,

The only thing about the article that surprised me was that the RSPCA spokesman didn't invoke the benefits to the chiiildren of the sale and bulldozing of the land.

Zaphod Camden said...

Shame we can't take our money with us?

I intend to do the next best thing. I'm going to make sure I die in debt.

Anonymous said...

zaphod camden we will change he laws so your children or nok pay lol thanks uncle zap u t w t lol

JuliaM said...

"...and they can even demonstrate that a pressing need now exists in this very area."


God, the next naive chugger that approaches me in the high street is going to get both barrels.

"That's how "modern" charities work."


"They didn't seem to understand the irony when I mentioned they appeared to be living the high life on the odd 50pence donations from old ladies"

I hope they got Montezuma's Revenge!

"There's a whole plastics industry dependent on giveaway pens..."

Useless giveaway pens at that. They go straight in the bin.