Wednesday 23 May 2012

Well, This Answers A Few Questions...

A juror on a rape trial who smoked a cannabis joint in his lunch hour was today fined £450 after admitting contempt of court.
The feminazis will no doubt have a field day with that one!
The father-of-one from Hamel Street, Bolton had been one of 12 jurors on a week-long case of a man accused of raping a child.
Last Friday lunch time, with the jury about to go out to consider its verdicts later that afternoon, the father-of-one went outside on his break when he was spotted smoking the joint by the other juror, who retrieved the used butt from the pavement to hand to police.
Hussain at first denied it was his until he had a change of heart and apologised when warned by Pc Michael Bailey that the butt could be examined for his DNA.
That's not 'a change of heart'. That's 'Oh, yeah. I forgot about DNA!'...
Ben Lawrence, defending, told the judge there were significant mitigating circumstances to explain the Hussain’s behaviour.
'Mr Hussain is no more than an occasional user of cannabis. He uses it probably unwisely to deal with times of stress,' Mr Lawrence said.
'Probably' unwisely..?


Anonymous said...

'Definitely unwise' would have been skinning up in the jury box. Breach of the smoking ban in public buildings donchaknow.

Anonymous said...

They missed one - £75 fine for littering.

JuliaM said...

"'Definitely unwise' would have been skinning up in the jury box."


"They missed one - £75 fine for littering."

Good point.

CJ Nerd said...

The jury selection process ought to ensure jurors like this are weeded out.