Monday 21 May 2012

No Wonder There's A Facebook Status: 'It's Complicated'...

A schoolboy found dead after taking a lethal cocktail of heroin, alcohol and an anti-depressant probably obtained the drugs from his family, an inquest was told.
So sad. But the family history reads like....well, like something the scriptwriter of 'Eastenders' would reject as too implausible:
The previous year Drew had discovered the girl he thought was his sister, Samantha, who was fighting heroin addiction, was in fact his mother.
At the time of his death she was in rehab and he was spending time with his biological father and his aunt.
His uncle, who lived with them in the child’s grandparents’ house, was also a heroin user.
His uncle and aunt both used citalopram and his mother a similar drug.
Relatives insisted he had taken the news about his parentage “really well” and was the “happiest he had ever been”.
He spent his last evening playing computer games with his uncle Michael Quinlan junior. But the next morning grandfather Michael Quinlan senior found the teenager’s lifeless body.
And before anyonre says 'Typical council housing estate underclass trash!', well, he was found.. his grandfather face down on a sofa at his family’s £4 million house in Richmond...


Robert the Biker said...

Quite, but the question arises; was this 'their' 4 million nicker pile or did we, the lowly taxpayer, provide it.
Somehow, the thought of this collective waste of space having any form of gainful employment is laughable.

Anonymouslemming said...

"Aunty mum" ... How does one express the theme tune to deliverance in words ?

Jiks said...

Money does not protect one from self-destruction, it just makes it easier.

Also, very Game of Thrones.

Anonymous said...

"His family said they had no knowledge of how Drew came by the drugs."

Errr, really?

JuliaM said...

"..or did we, the lowly taxpayer, provide it."

Ah. Good point. That actually never occurred to me... :(

" How does one express the theme tune to deliverance in words ?"


"Also, very Game of Thrones."