Sunday 27 May 2012

Wales In 'Shortage Of Lettuce' SHOCK!

'It was difficult for Georgia to maintain her weight loss because she couldn't find the right foods in the supermarket in Aberdare.'
Mr Treloar, 73, told the Sun on Sunday how Georgia had been gaining weight since her return from fat camp - staying in her bedroom watching television or messaging her friends.
He said Georgia managed to come downstairs to eat or talk to her family by sliding down on her bottom, but last Monday she confessed she could no longer stand up.
And yet, earlier reports claim that she was her parents' carer..?


Richard said...

"But she said she had later made a determined effort to change their diets – such as making her own chips instead of buying them from the takeaway."

*shakes head*

Anonymous said...

"staying in her bedroom watching television or messaging her friends"

This is known as full-time work in Wales.

ISG said...

You want to be careful of your weight julia...sat on your arse staring at twitter 20 hours a day and posting every 30 seconds as you do sometimes ,and googling shit to be posted on here all day every day aint a healthy lifestyle.

copy and paste...its an illness.

trust me

Anonymous said...

ISG, don't you know Julia's on an iphone? She's posting while jogging with the Islington crowd.

ISG said...

Anon i lost count one day on her twitter posts...200+.

she is sat on her arse glued to social media shite all day whilst life is passing her by.

Quiet_Man said...

@ ISG.
And she still holds down a full time job, posts three times a day (at least) here along with posts at the Orphan's site along with her twitter feed.
I'm surprised she has time to eat ;-)

Anonymous said...


What you say may be true. Nevertheless, JuliaM has some admirable qualities.

And would you be a typical plod with zero accomplishments, perchance?

ISG said...

No i'm not a plod perchance, i'm a casual reader of this blog and i'm amazed at the non stop shit that keeps getting copied an pasted here.

This must get a blog out addiction is unhealthy. Take today she had to post there wasn't much news...for crying out loud.

This shit is a piss poor copycat of jeremy kyle and the Daily mail but a damn sight more boring.

Honestly hasn't someone get the bollocks to tell her the truth, bonkers bloggers are out there and some oddballs make a good read but julia M has nothing to say but highlight someone elses words.

she aint bonkers or funny or interesting... what a sad addiction , her admirable quality is an obsessive complusive disorder with social media.

i will await more of the same shite...juliaM will make the headlines herself one day, probably blogging with her laptop connected to the mains whilst in the bath.

Anonymous said...

Getting boring now Melvin.Why do you assume every critic is a PC?
You are only one post away from flouncing off and then changing your name again.

JuliaM said...

"*shakes head*"

That's my reaction to most of this story.

Poor kid, failed by those she should be able to rely on, and with the State seemingly unable or unwilling to prevent it.

"copy and paste...its an illness.

trust me"

Oh, why not? You seem trustworthy...

"she is sat on her arse glued to social media shite all day..."

Always amusing when someone details all my doings in the process of calling me obsessed.. ;)

"I'm surprised she has time to eat ;-)"

Clearly, it's possible. As Georgia shows us... ;)

Surreptitious Evil said...


I always worked under the possible illusion that chip shop chips were healthier than home fried ones, because the chippy would have made sure to get their fat up to the proper temperature, limiting its absorption by the potato.

This doesn't necessarily apply to modern horrors such as the "oven cooked chip".

Anonymous said...

If she was her Mums' carer and unable to move - isn't someone guilty of some type of fraud?

jaded said...

Serious question-how did she afford the food to get her that big?

Tatty said...

"Anonymous said... If she was her Mums' carer and unable to move - isn't someone guilty of some type of fraud?"

Nah. The money is paid to enable the recipient to pay for care they need...there's no checks as to whether care is actually obtained and paid for with that cash.

It's far far cheaper to bung people some cash than build, run, staff and maintain proper care homes for the physically disabled or mentally incapacitated... or Fat Farms for the chronically obese.

David Gillies said...

I'm coming to the conclusion that essentially all of society's ills are the result of consequences being divorced from actions. If over-eating is a genuine addiction (a somewhat iffy proposition) then there are methods to beat it. If it's just a choice then this person is being over-indulged in every sense of the word. Either way the approach seems to be treating symptoms only. Utterly crazy. She'll be dead in a few years, of course: the human body simply cannot sustain that level of abuse.