Monday 28 May 2012

Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

Oh. Clearly not.
Michelle Smith, aged 43, contacted Tamworth Police on March 18 demanding to know the whereabouts of her daughter.
"I need to f*****g know where my daughter is," said Smith to operator Katie Price.
After being warned of her language, Smith replied: "If you don't take my call I'll kick your f*****g head off".
Mother of the year!
Ms Thompson added: "Police officers were sent to arrest Mrs Smith but she was very difficult upon arrest."
Back at Burton Police Station, Smith "lashed out" at a police officer in the custody suite causing a bloody nose and reddening to the face.
Smith's previous criminal record was also mentioned by the prosecution, detailing an assault on a PC in 2005.

We aren't told why Mrs Smith thought the police might know where her daughter was, but I think we can guess.
Solicitor Roger Eddowes, representing Smith, made no representations anticipating the magistrates' wish for an all options pre-sentence report to be carried out by the Probation Service to assist them with sentencing.
After originally ordering the report on a fast delivery basis for later that day, the case was later adjourned until June 1 to allow for the reports to be completed.
Smith was remanded in custody ahead of her return to Burton Magistrates' Court.
Custody..? That's a little unusual, no?


Tatty said...

They sent officers round because a headcase said some nasty words to someone else over the phone ...with no reasonable expectation that any threats could actually be carried through ??

Was it a slow day ?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately call handlers can't say 'fuck off and get a life, cunt' anymore and these ming mongs know it - so the fat slag reaped what she soweth an'all that innit.

I can only assume Meesh had info that her ghastly offspring was wasting some more police and taxpayers time and money, hence her attempt to communicate - badly.

Trevor said...

'After being warned of her language...'

Sorry for going off-topic and losing control of my inner pedant, but this is a prime example of the preposition abuse that drives me bonkers. It sometimes seems that almost no-one under 40 is capable of choosing the correct preposition or even judging when one is indicated. From the ghastly import 'Don't be hatin' on me' to 'I go Lakeside last week' it's more than my ears can stand.

It's bad enough to have to listen to this gibberish but to see it in print - no doubt the work of a recent graduate with the obligatory 2:1 - pushes me perilously close to the edge.

Remember, kids, your teachers lied - grammar is important. Choose your prepositions with the same care you choose your sexual par...

Oh. That's not going to work, is it. My bad, as I believe the 'hep cats' say.

James Higham said...

It's a different world.

Anonymous said...

My response used to be "I find your language offensive. If you don't stop using obscene language, I shall terminate this call, which is being recorded." If they continued, I hung up.
The fact the calls were recorded came in very handy during the complaints.

JuliaM said...

"Was it a slow day ?"

An attack on them is always treated more seriously..

" It sometimes seems that almost no-one under 40 is capable of choosing the correct preposition or even judging when one is indicated."

And don't get me started on grocer's apostrophes!

Tatty said...

Julia - "An attack on them is always treated more seriously.."

Accepted but...what attack ? Nothing actually happened !

Dick the Prick said...

A rare custody order in the haywain of suspended sentence. Hmm..can be cell mates with her kid, kinda lovely! Better than been torched - whoopee! Err..