Monday 23 March 2015

But Not ‘Devastated And Upset’ That He Could Have Killed Someone Drink Driving?

Joe’s parents Nick and Jane said the inquest was ‘gruelling and frustrating’ because neither the the IPCC’s report nor GMP’s response were heard as evidence.
In a statement, they hit out at the ‘behaviour and attitude of the custody officers’, adding: “We love Joe and will continue to miss him every day for the rest of our lives.”
Awww, diddums! Perhaps if he hadn’t got himself arrested for drink driving he’d still be here?

And why should someone old enough to drive not take the consequences of driving otherwise than in accordance with the licence?
His devastated family, who believe Joe feared he had ruined his life, weren’t aware of his arrest because, at the time, 17-year-olds weren’t treated as children in custody.
Joe, who had been due to appear in court two days after his death, didn’t ask for his parents to be informed.
Laws have now changed after a campaign led by his parents.
The Independent Police Complaints Commission investigated the contact officers had with Joe after the family raised concerns. Its recommendations can now be revealed after an inquest jury recorded a verdict of suicide with a number of contributing factors, including an ‘anomaly’ in how the law deals with teenagers.
It wasn't an anomaly at all. And what happened to shame? Don't they have any?


The Blocked Dwarf said...

"The jury said 'access to insufficiently secure firearms' was also a contributing factor in Joe's death."

A contributing, factor?! FFS! I'm betting that that unsecured parental shotgun (I assume) was the SOLE factor in Joe's death, that and the buckshot that ripped his skull open.

I know from my own experience that proper police Custody Officers (not the Custody Suite Wannbe Group 4ers) handle every teenager like they are made of nitroglycerine....despite some of those teenagers being as unstable as nitroglycerine and having an equivalent explosive force!

The phrase 'kid gloves' doesn't come close. It can take the Custody Sergeant almost an hour to tick all the tick boxes he HAS to tick to comply with all the 'guidance'. If the little dear is carrying medication then the officer has to count every single tablet in every pack.

Anonymous said...

It amazes me how this story has now becomes the police's fault instead of the real person responsible.
Everything in my custody is audio and video recorded,not sure of that's nationwide.
I feel sorry for the parents but they are lashing out trying to apportion blame on everyone else except their son.

Anonymous said...

His tragic demise improved the gene pool.

SteveA said...

So Joe shot himself without telling his parents he was arrested how do the lawyer come to this conclusion.

Joe’s parents’ legal team claimed officers made ‘derogatory, mocking and inappropriate comments’ about Joe’s middle-class background and his new car.

The police aren't going to admit to it

Brightside Bob said...

Time to start the countdown to the 'BAN SHOTGUNS' campaign...

Anonymous said...

What's the world coming to when police officers in a custody suite can't take the piss out of the shitstains that appear before them?

Anonymous said...

"... can't take the piss out of the shitstains..."

You appear to have a job of sorts... so moderate your complaint, anon.

That plod recruitment standards are set marginally above moron, is charitable...and in your case very self-evident.

JuliaM said...

"A contributing, factor?! FFS! "

I wonder if the police plan to bring charges?

"Time to start the countdown to the 'BAN SHOTGUNS' campaign..."

Oh, the hoplophobes LOVE stories like this one...