Wednesday 18 March 2015

Distrust And Contempt…

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service and Sussex Police initially refused to provide The Argus with any details of the major ongoing incident.
Spokespeople at the fire control and force control rooms withheld basic details such as the location, saying they had been told not to give away any information by their superiors.
Despite an inspector being at the scene, a Sussex Police spokesman blamed their attendance on staff shortages, telling a reporter the incident was minor and “nothing for the press to worry about.”
Really? Sounds like a strange way to describe any incident requiring:
”…two riot vans, three police cars and about 20 officers…”
Doesn’t it?

After the event, of course, the police were very forthcoming about the disruption and resource-intensive effort required by this ‘minor incident’:
Later that afternoon – after the arrest was made - the police released a statement in which inspector Rachel Glenton said: “This was a potentially serious incident which was safely and professionally resolved by our officers, working with the other emergency services. We were also grateful for the co-operation of the nearby residents whose lives were temporarily disrupted.”
Hmmm, did they really have a choice?
A 20-year-old neighbour, and Brighton University student, was evacuated from her house with the rest of her flat mates. She said: “I’m shocked the police initially were saying this wasn’t a major incident. It was a big deal. We were scared that our lives were in danger and the house could get blown up. We were evacuated from the house but the police wouldn’t tell us anything. We all had deadlines to meet and work to do but we had to go to a friend’s house for a while to be in safety.”
Better to get people out of the way in case he made good his threat to blow up the gas in the house (that they’d cut off)? Or better to get people out of the way so the police don’t have to deal with awkward questions?

Either way, it’s pretty worrying when the police tell one story to the press, and another to concerned residents.

Who might, next time their taxes are due, start to ask why the police need to employ a whole division of PR-trained staff to not communicate anything…


MTG said...

"Police said they had received threats to blow up the gas main during a domestic dispute."

I remain confident that at least one molecule of truth can be found in every plod statement. But difficulties and huge expense arise when the public unwisely insist upon knowing the location and context of that simple snippet.

You see, one can never overestimate the vast sums which are squandered on vain searches. Such treks can span 25 years or more; trawling the corrupted procedures, holding those public inquiries, paying the plod compensation claims and retirement 'schemes'. Yet plod are not without their followers and admirers. Of all the fork-tongued public services, plod must be the legal profession's must revered.

And one can never underestimate the worth of all the trouble and expense required to locate one grain of plod truth.

Anonymous said...

Poor old Melv ... still, glad you're out from whichever hospital you were sectioned in - now just keep taking the meds and you'll be fine.

MTG said...

"'re out from whichever hospital you were sectioned in..."


Anonymous said...

Anybody order a boring buffoon?

Anonymous said...

OOOooooh Melv, you are back on form but let me tell you, every post you make highlights that you are very disturbed, obsessed and very, very boring.

I like to use a very UN-PC word for you...NUTTER! QED that!

MTG said...

"Anybody order a boring buffoon?"

Here, waitress.
And medium fries. Oh...and a sachet of that over-sweet tomato sauce.

Anonymous said...

Google translate Melvin?
Step away from the laptop,Nursey needs it.Time for another flounce?

David Duckinfield said...

you as my word that what melv said is all lies.

(and i wus only gettin rid of scousers for the grater good.)

Anonymous said...

A new low for you Melvin.Sad but not surprising.

Anonymous said...

Melv, you must be all hot and sweaty in your jim jams now, never mind your big old Nigerian carers will be in to wash you and get you on commode soon. Time for your meds too.

JuliaM said...

"I remain confident that at least one molecule of truth can be found in every plod statement. "

They're homeopathic..?