Monday 9 March 2015

“If you think you haven’t got a problem in your city or town, you are just not looking for it.”

And no-one has been looking. More importantly, they’ve been studiously looking the other way:
A serious case review by the Oxfordshire safeguarding children’s board, to be published on Tuesday, will condemn Thames Valley police for not believing the young girls, for treating them as if they had chosen to adopt the lifestyle, and for failing to act on repeated calls for help.
Nor are the PC PCs (and DCs and DCIs…) carrying the can on their own.

Indeed, the usual suspects are right there with them.
Oxfordshire social services – which had responsibility for the girls’ safety – will be equally damned for knowing they were being groomed and for failing to protect them despite compelling evidence they were in danger. One social worker told a trial that nine out of 10 of those responsible for the girls was aware of what was going on.
And why would that be..? Simple – identity politics.

Not everyone involved shirked their duty, though:
It was not until 2011 when DCI Simon Morton trawled through missing persons reports, health records and social services data that Thames Valley police began to link the girls’ repeated patterns of going missing, returning and going missing again with the activities of the men – some of whom were known to police for drug crimes. After a groundbreaking two-year investigation, Operation Bullfinch, seven men – including two sets of brothers – were convicted at the Old Bailey in May 2013 of 43 offences, which included trafficking, forcing girls into prostitution, procuring an illegal abortion, rape and physical violence.
Good for him. I hope he got a commendation. And not hounded, like other whistleblowers.
Weeks before the publication of the serious case review, the chief executive of Oxfordshire county council, Joanna Simons, announced she would be stepping down in the summer, a move questioned by the Oxford East MP Andrew Smith, who said he was “concerned at the decision and how it had been taken”. The council said she would not be replaced and the authority was reorganising its management structure. In a joint message with the council in January, Simons said that in order to protect frontline services, the authority would be making changes to its top team which would involve the departure of the chief executive.
Reforming your higher echelons won’t help much. It’s your front-line workers who did the ignoring, and if they did it because they were afraid for their careers due to those higher echelon officers, well, tough. They still did it.

We didn’t accept ‘I was just following orders’ before. Why should we have to accept it now?


DtP said...

I'm not sure about the front line officers doing the ignoring bit. I, many moons ago, used to be an Intelligence Analyst with our local coppers and we all knew it was going on but when it hit Chief Inspector rank or went to the care homes it ended. We could get them on drugs or dodgy taxi licences but paedo stuff was either deemed too difficult because of unreliable witnesses or political problematic because of identity politcs.

I'm not excusing it or anything but in my experience we were pretty darned hamstrung.

Fahrenheit211 said...

I think the problems with police ignoring Islamic Rape Gangs doesn't only lie with the front line officers nor the senior officers, this politically correct malaise permeates entire police forces.

It is a problem caused by a combination of officers who wish to climb the greasy pole having to put their ethics and morality on hold and swallow and also spout multiculti identity politics bullshit and junior officers who want a quiet life or to hold onto their jobs, also staying silent. Add to that the fact that other agencies like Social Services are often even more politically correct (if that is possible) than the police and if they are not pushing the police to act then you have a situation that can only really be described as one of 'stasis'.

MTG said...

@ DtP 'Intelligence Analyst'

A level of intelligence as jaded as the English adorning your lie "I'm not excusing it..."

Over the coming days, cowardice, dishonesty, indifference and ineffectiveness are the vices of contemporary plod 'service' upon which council tax payers will unhappily reflect.

Anonymous said...

Start hanging them, beginning at the top, for dereliction of duty, aiding and abetting criminals, endangering public safety, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, misappropriation of public funds.....

Anonymous said...

Where you been Melv? When was the release date?

Anonymous said...

Melvin has escaped ,hooray.

Andy said...

I became aware of Paki predelictions vis a vis meat close to the bone back in the 1980s. It shocked me then, now I am horrified.

Anonymous said...

Dr Melvin T Gray, defending the indefensible - just to be a pain in the arse troll. Should you be using a computer Melvin?

Ted Treen said...

If you really want to see just how incestuous local government is, have a look at

Fahrenheit211 said...

Ted, that is not just incestuous but absolutely disgusting. Birmingham has hired the man who shut down Risky Business, the one group that was helping the victims of these Islamic savages,despite there being funding allocated to this group for the following year.

A cynic would suggest that a man with such a sordid record is being brought into Birmingham to help to sweep under the carpet the problems of Islamic Rape Gangs in Birmingham. I believe that highly likely that any Islamic Rape Gang scandal to hit Birmingham will be the biggest we've seen. The City has seen 6,000 children go missing from Birmingham children's homes and foster care and as we now all know, these sort of children are the primary target of these savage Islamic rapists.

If I was a senior officer or member in a corrupt Labour council I'd want someone like Woolfenden in place in case I needed to bury some really bad news.

JuliaM said...

" my experience we were pretty darned hamstrung."

I don't doubt that, but why give up? Think laterally!

"...this politically correct malaise permeates entire police forces. "

Oh, indeed! All branches of so-called 'public service', in fact.

"If you really want to see just how incestuous local government is..."

Christ, even the Cosa Nostra diversifies a bit from time to time!

"A cynic would suggest that a man with such a sordid record is being brought into Birmingham to help to sweep under the carpet the problems of Islamic Rape Gangs in Birmingham."

It's a good job we aren't cynical here on this blog then... ;)