Sunday 1 March 2015

The Mixed Nuts Clearly Aren’t All In The Packet…

Recently a woman shopper at a Tesco in Plymouth was told that a new policy meant age verification was needed for fruit in case it fermented.
Tesco later said that was meant as a joke from a member of customer services – and that no fruit purchase would really need proof of age.
But that has left Mr Morris, a housing association scheme manager from Manor Green Walk in Carlton, baffled as to why he was queried at the Tesco in Carlton Hill on Tuesday evening.
What was he buying? Bananas and mixed nuts.
A Tesco spokeswoman said: “We don’t age restrict the sale of nuts – our store team have rechecked all the nuts in the store to ensure this is the case.
Giving customers great service is our number one priority and we’re sorry if the incident caused our customer any inconvenience.”
Well, how about investigating why the checkout bleeped and telling us, rather than blandly assuring us that it was all a misunderstanding?


microdave said...

"Our store team have rechecked all the nuts in the store"

Clearly they didn't include all the members of customer services...

JuliaM said...