Saturday 14 March 2015

Maybe You’d Like To Support Them By Giving Them Your Property..?

…and not by complacently assuming that else should give them their property?
According to the farmers, a number of people have promised to visit the farm in order to show their support for the residents.
Neighbouring resident Richard Wood said he supported the "vision" of Yorkley Court Community Farm. "I fully support the sustainable farmers, I was at a meeting they called at the Bailey Inn on Saturday and I find their vision for community land use inspiring."
Margaret and Michael Rose, who live in Yorkley, have promised to lend their support to the farmers and will be heading to the site ahead of the potential arrival of bailiffs.
"They are a great asset to our community and should be allowed to remain on the land," said Mr Rose.
It’s not their land. If you have land to give them, do so. But don’t demand that someone else should relinquish their property rights because you like someone’s ‘vision’.

Because that’s theft.


Anonymous said...

Fascinating thing this interweb. I followed your link to the story in The Telegraph, and then followed further links in the comments section to this:

Admittedly, this document is only giving one side of the story, but it alleges that the current 'owner' may not actually own the land after all, despite a court ruling. Throw in some apparently dodgy solicitors as well, and it all becomes as clear as mud.

JuliaM said...

"Throw in some apparently dodgy solicitors as well, and it all becomes as clear as mud."

Hmmm, it all sounds rather like an attempt to throw chaff & flares to me...