Tuesday 17 March 2015

A Dog Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas Employment…

A mum of two is starting a campaign to help her disabled daughter get the ability dog that she desperately needs to help her live a more normal life.
Ability dogs have now become more common with dogs being trained to work with autistic, disabled and deaf people.
They all wear coats that give them the same privileges as guide dogs and are allowed inside restaurants and shops.
A good idea! So, is the daughter deaf, disabled or autistic?
Debbie Beer is hoping to raise £3,000 to contribute towards the training of a new dog for her five-year-old daughter Poppy who has Down Syndrome.
The ability dog that is being trained for Poppy will allow her to have more freedom as it will stop near roads and even improve her reading skills.
Debbie said: “Poppy has no understanding of danger or road awareness and she can run off at any moment.
“She will be attached to the dog and if she tries to run away the dog will lie down to keep her safe. They are bombproof and Willow, who is in the picture and the dog we had on trial, could even unload the washing machine. ”
Yes, well, I can see how that might make mum’s life easier by passing on some of her parental & domestic responsibilities to a canine, but I’m struggling to see how it’ll help the kid!
“Also, studies have proved that children enjoy reading to dogs for longer periods of time, which in turn significantly improves speech and reading skills.”
She doesn’t need her own ‘ability dog’ for that, does she? Presumably any old mutt will do?


The Blocked Dwarf said...

"They are bombproof "

Where exactly was Poppy planning on walking her new pooch...Afghanistan?

Bloke in Germany said...

Not sure what your problem is. £3000 isn't a lot of money, and they're raising it privately. You can donate or not as you see fit, no one is making you.

Lord T said...

Well it gets a bit hairy in places in the UK now. She is clearly planning over the next 5 years.

JuliaM said...

"Where exactly was Poppy planning on walking her new pooch...Afghanistan?"


"£3000 isn't a lot of money, and they're raising it privately."

And good luck to them. I have my doubts though.