Wednesday 25 March 2015


Lewisham Police were massed outside McDonalds on Lewisham High Street to investigate a public disorder scene.
Lewisham McDonalds shift manager George Morgans told News Shopper: "As I was coming in to work there were about 2-300 kids and people were saying there was going to be a fight."
A Lewisham Police spokeswoman said: "Police attended McDonalds on Lewisham High Street at approximately 2:43pm following a report of a large number of young people gathering inside and outside the premises.
"There were concerns that a disturbance might take place.
"Officers attended and dispersed the crowd.
"A male was arrested at the location for a public order offence and is currently in custody."
There are photos at the news report. So yes, this is exactly the sort of crowd you'd expect.

As a glance at the comments would have told you:
Isaidit44 says...
I was at the 47 bus stop, infront of McDonald's. Lots of dumb school children, inside and outside shop. Screaming loudly anytime the police horses came near them. One schoolboy was arrested inside the shop and taken away. It's hard to believe that so many of them, turned up to watch a fight instead of getting on the bus and going home. Pathetic and disgraceful display.
Womblingbarnacle says...
Apparently exam results are higher than ever! Dunno how that tallies with the amount of half wits with the mental age of 8 in secondary schools. I lived in Germany for a bit - totally different world. And no it wasn't a posh area. You just don't see anywhere near so many morons of secondary school age. They're just...normal. What is the UK education system and culture doing to produce so many shrieking, goading, aggressive idiots?
Bexleyheath Resident says...
Maybe if kids were in school at 2:43 this wouldn't be a problem. They seem to be let out earlier and earlier, at that time they've not long finished lunch. No wonder they aren't ready for the world of work!! they're only in lessons a few hours a day, how do they have time to learn anything! Crazy!
We're doomed, aren't we?

*Schoolkids Of No Appearance


Anonymous said...

Utterly doomed!

Anonymous said...

This is a surprise? Been going like this for as long ad I can recall especially around lewisham, blackheath made worse by the vibrant demographic, too much victim hood, Mary sea ole, workshops, grants etc etc
Nice to see even the IPCC couldn't find fault with police action 'around' DUGGAN too.

Flaxen Saxon said...

I hear Ronald McDonald was the gang leader.

The Blocked Dwarf said...

A severe misreading of the situation. The thousands of children in question were infact VICTIMS of Ronald McPaedophile & had come to CONFRONT, bravely, their abuser.

JuliaM said...

"Nice to see even the IPCC couldn't find fault with police action 'around' DUGGAN too."

Yes indeed! :D

"I hear Ronald McDonald was the gang leader."