Monday 30 March 2015

One Of Those Existential Questions, Miss Hynes…

Miss Hynes was told by Essex Police they had no proof the people in the garage were causing the damage.
She said: “I’m completely exasperated by the idiocy of it all. Why are there laws if people can break them and not be held responsible?
Why indeed..?
Miss Hynes understands police were made aware the vagrants had moved in to her garage in Cherrydown, Basildon, around February 16 after neighbours spotted someone breaking in and injecting themselves with drugs in the doorway.
However, she claims the authorities did not inform her about the complaints until March 6.
Miss Hynes said: “The council went round there to check and found five people sitting inside.
“They called a police officer, but when they arrived the group said they had permission to be there so they let them stay.”
That’s how it works, eh? You’re spotted gaining access to premises you don’t own - by breaking in - and the police will just accept (without checking) that the owner of those premises is happy to let druggie scumbags shoot up and screw on their premises?

Or is it more plausible in Essex?


Anonymous said...

Screwing you say, where was this?

Ted Treen said...


The worst of all worlds. An Orwellian Überklass treating the plebs to a condescending youth training regime á la Huxley.

andy5759 said...

Most telling in that link is the concluding statement from the council. They stated that the squatters are known to them, but not known to the police. They then proceeded to state all that they are holistically doing for these vulnerable people. Paid in part by poor Miss Hynes. We've gone mad.

JuliaM said...

"An Orwellian Überklass treating the plebs to a condescending youth training regime á la Huxley."