Monday 9 March 2015

It’s Understandable….

…you see, he forgot he wasn’t in Liverpool, where this is the normal sort of reaction to complaints about the behaviour of your dogs:
Julia Powell, defending, said: "He's extremely sorry for what happened. He had a dreadful journey to Worcester. He normally resides in Liverpool. He was coming to see his nine-year-old son. He missed his train and his connecting train. He left his suitcase on the train. Generally things had gone from bad to worse."
Well, I often have a bad journey on trains, but I don’t, as a whole, relieve the stress by glassing a landlady. Of course, I’m not from Liverpool.
Ms Powell said: "He was rather upset about the way he was being spoken to. He accepts his behaviour was highly inappropriate. He had considered returning to the pub to apologise but he has been advised against that. He has sent an email to the pub apologising for his behaviour."
Oh dear! Did the nasty lady speak to you harshly? Poor lamb.
District judge Nigel Cadbury said: "This is a serious matter because you lost your temper and used a pint glass as a weapon which ended up injuring your victim.
"If you had the glass in your hand you would undoubtedly be going to prison today. I don't know whether the evidence is clear whether it was intended to hit her or was a reckless act."
He sentenced Handy to 12 weeks imprisonment suspended for 12 months.
Yeah. That’ll teach ‘im.


Ted Treen said...

Our finger-on-the-pulse judiciary.

Also see:-

Anonymous said...


If he'd done that in Liverpool they'd have been handing his bloodied corpse over to the police. Sentence is a joke.

Andy said...

Those sort of folk ought to carry health warnings, and shackles, and a ball and chain.

JuliaM said...

"Also see..."

Gawd! It's described as "a fairytale church service". Yes. One where Prince Charming becomes The Beast.

"If he'd done that in Liverpool they'd have been handing his bloodied corpse over to the police. "

Or a shallow grave.