Friday 27 March 2015

Why Can’t These People Learn..?

The Morley Town councillor was rushed to Leeds General Infirmary after the end of her finger was bitten off during the attack. Coun Sanders is now warning fellow councillors to be careful in the run-up to the election.
What, they needed a warning not to put their fingers through the letterbox? Are they that dim?
Coun Sanders was shocked to find out that she was not the only councillor to lose part of her finger electioneering.
Oh. It would seem Sanders is that dim, since this is hardly something that hasn’t been covered – and covered well – by the media.

How can someone so incurious and unaware of issues think they have what it takes to be a councillor?
The councillor also wants owners of pets which are thought to be aggressive to put a cage around their letter box and a “beware of the dog” notice on the door.
Police have since ordered the owner of the dog which attacked her to do this following the incident.
How about you simply spread the word that putting your fingers in the letterbox isn’t a good idea?

In fact, in this increasingly risk-averse society we live in, I’m surprised it’s not issued as an advisory note to all campaigners & letterbox-litterers…


Ed P said...

Not having a dog, I've had to resort to mounting a mantrap just inside the letterbox, just until the election leaflet deliveries are over. But it only activates for red and yellow leaflets. That'll teach the buggers!

Anonymous said...


Many years ago I was a paperboy, and it was pretty obvious when a dog was tearing its way to the letter box. It was also obvious that you don't need to put your hand into the letterbox either. Besides that good dog!

Ted Treen said...

@Ed P

Thanks for the smile - at just the thought.

JuliaM said...

"Not having a dog, I've had to resort to mounting a mantrap just inside the letterbox..."


PJH said...

Late I know...

"and a “beware of the dog” notice on the door. "

Of course, because a councillor who doesn't know about other's who've been as stupid as she, doesn't know that having such a sign (with that specific wording) is /more/ likely to get the owner prosecuted, not less: