Wednesday 11 March 2015

Gaming 1989: "Sim City" (unknown brand 386)

Moving up to a real PC now (I can't remember who built it, just that it was a 386, a number than meant little to me at the time), and a great classic, my first real PC game - Maxis classic, 'Sim City'.

Everyone’s favourite city-sim, and a great trainer for future town planners and local council planning teams (I’d make it compulsory to have played before getting an interview!), this marvellous series goes from strength to strength, with the latest incarnation maybe sacrificing a bit of the gameplay for easy accessibility, but boasting some incredible graphics.

I spent many, many hours with the original game, obsessively setting out my ‘perfect’ city. Despite the initially clunky graphics, which now look rather sad when compared to the modern incarnation, it was - of course! - considered an amazing game going on the standards of the previous games I'd played on the Speccie.

Sadly, the studio closed just this month. Making this a rather poignant choice.


James Higham said...

Ah, it's a world I know not of.

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