Wednesday 11 March 2015

Suzanne Moore Clearly Doesn’t Read All The News…

On some days I don’t need to read the news. I know it already. It is basically a list of the women and girls who are the latest to be abused and killed.
Really? Just women and girls? Are you quite sure? Maybe you’re missing something?

No, surely not
The abuse of young girls? Now it is Oxford – nice Oxford, where in fact a quarter of children live below the poverty line. As with Rotherham and Rochdale, the stories of ongoing abuse and rape finally emerge. If this is all about Pakistani grooming gangs, indeed let’s investigate it fully. But such gangs can operate only in an environment in which the adults who come into contact with these girls do not appear to value them or see them as children.
Or an environment where the Common Purpose drones value ‘diversity’ and other nebulous social engineering concepts more. Gosh. I wonder who could have contributed to the creation of such an environment..?
In this country, we move from one abuse story to another, not wanting to make the necessary connections. Rape is now recognised as a war crime. What isn’t recognised is that we live in a perpetual state of war.
We do..?
Here comes the obligatory qualifier: terrible things happen to men and boys too. Not all men and boys are terrible, but we operate in a system in which half of us live in fear.
The statistics seem to suggest that this is a rather one-sided ‘war’.
The war against women is waged routinely and globally. Equality of the most basic kind cannot exist when a woman’s life and her words are always worth less than a man’s.
I can’t imagine there’s any culture where that’s the case. Wait. There is..?

Well. Maybe you’d better put some effort into tackling that first, eh?


Anonymous said...

She is right about war: these Islamic gangs are colonisers, not about to assimilate her cosy liberal world view, but live according to their own in which these girls are but kaffir sex slaves, rightfully theirs.

Ted Treen said...

Julia, how dare you introduce rational common-sense and reality?

You will go down in Common Purpose's little red book - if you're not already there...

John M said...

You really need to ignore Suzanne Moore. She is in training for the Guardian "stupid woman writing complete bollocks" award, currently held by Polly Toynbee.

Ed P said...

Poor Moore - she must have a terrible headache from cognitive dissonance: it's men, no it's muslim men, no that can't be right as it doesn't fit my CP indoctrination, it's arrgh!

JuliaM said...

"You will go down in Common Purpose's little red book - if you're not already there..."

I hope I have my own chapter!

"Poor Moore - she must have a terrible headache from cognitive dissonance.."