Tuesday 17 March 2015

Maybe It Should Be The First..?

A spokesman for GMP said an animal is only destroyed "as a last resort".
Why waste time trying to get it under control when it’s already injured other people as well as its cretinous owner??
Inspector Nicki Tompsett said: "Clearly the destruction of any animal is not something we as a police force take lightly, and in this instance considerable efforts were made to control the animal.
"However, the dog continued to behave in such an aggressive way and its demeanour was such that we could not attend to the man who had been seriously injured, and therefore the decision was made to destroy the dog before anyone else could be hurt or the victim himself sustained further, life-changing injuries.
"However, I also want to stress that the ultimate responsibility lies with the owner of the dogs. Dangerous dogs are bred, not born, so it is incumbent on all dog owners to ensure their pets are well brought-up and friendly.
"Legislation is now in place to prosecute those who fail to control their dogs or breed them for criminal or violent purposes and we will enforce that legislation to protect innocent members of our community from being attacked."
Good to here. I look forward to the eventual prosecution once he’s out of hospital.

There will be one, won’t there?


Woodsy42 said...

Good to here?
You need more coffee Julia!

Libertarian said...

Well, it was good to there!

The Cowboy Online said...

Here, here, Woodsy43, well said. ;)

(Was surprised to see the errant 'here' slip through as well.)

JuliaM said...

AAAAARRRRGHHHHH! Mea culpa! *blushes*

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Dangerous dogs are bred, not born,XX

?? Moment.... if they are bred as such, they are born as such... that is the whole POINT of breeding in a trait..... or am I missing something here?

JuliaM said...

"..... or am I missing something here?"

Nope! The average idiocy of the usual suspects.