Wednesday 15 October 2014

He Might Have Been ‘Their Loved One’…

…but to everyone else he was a violent thug:
The family of Mark Duggan have lost their attempt to overturn an inquest verdict that the police shooting of their loved one was a lawful killing.
Still, it’s nice when the ‘Guardian’ lays its stall out so candidly, eh?


Anonymous said...

"Loved one" has mysteriously disappeared from this article!

MTG said...

Plod versions of the killing were subjected to so much sculpting, that the base IPCC is unlikely to conclude anything different in its official propaganda. Millions spent filtering those reams of Met inconsistencies, were always destined to be wasted.

And the corrupt police federation will be doing its best this week, to throw acid in the faces of doubters and further smear any of the Duggan family/supporters, who may dare to question the rectitude of unofficial State executions.

Public sympathy has been eroded for a 'criminal' who, if you are still inclined to believe that particular police version of events which bests suits, 'had what was coming to him'.

Cue the usual plod mopping-up operation. Further attempts at discrediting the deceased, his family and supporters will surely yield something...the truth of which is of no consequence in the short term.

Anonymous said...

I remember Duggan's gentle, dignified mourners from the coroner's inquest; smashing an office door off its hinges with terrified staff inside, yelling obscenities in the courtroom and threatening to attack jurors.

Not forgetting the granite-faced slapper calling for further civil unrest after the hearing because her gun-toting "loved one" had been exposed for the pond-life he actually was.

rbbarnet said...

You is taking the piss, right?

Granite-faced slapper. Pithy.

Anonymous said...

I am grateful that the police took time off from monitoring farcebook for possible offences created and made the public space a tad safer.

Anonymous said...

Melvin would sup with the devil if it pushes his anti-police agenda.
Duggan would have made a lovely son-in-law for you MTG wouldn't he?
His family and supporters do not need discrediting,they do a great job of that every time they open their mouths.
PS Not been much coverage of this setback for the scumbags family has there? Perhaps even the left-wing media are sick of him and his riotous mates.

Anonymous said...

Writing only in your tearaway Du'guardian (the paper that supports our thugs):
"For a case that generated such strong emotions and shook the country..."

Actually mate, the country shrugged and thought "they're out of control again".

andy5759 said...

Drive 'round town totin a piece, dealin a bitty 'ere, an a bitty dere. Kin ell wassup, da man getting on my ass. Get rid of da piece, then eye an I can do da strut like in their face. Occasionally that don't work, this was one of those occasions. Sad for his family, sad all round actually. What a waste of a person who could have been making something of his life. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Melv, you really are a sad git !

MTG said...

'Anonymous said...
Melv, you really are a sad git !'

My dear plod friend,
Offering no resistance to corrupt police who profit from the very worst of gang activity themselves, is far sadder.

At one time, and in the absence of any real proof to support the smearing, the media was set alight with police-sourced rumours of Duggan's involvement with drugs and other crime.

Now the gullible public are aware of intentionally damaging rumours that were no more true than Jean Charles de Menezes was a bomb-carrying, illegal immigrant.

New 'whispers' are even more alarming. Duggan may have been involved in covert 'dealings' with corrupt Met drugs police and this went so seriously wrong as to require a staged scenario with lethal consequences. I have no means of knowing if such 'whispers' embrace the real facts. But a glance at the Met's 'form' suggests it would be imprudent to rule out such a possibility. On the balance of probabilities, I am inclined towards accepting a little truth has finally leaked from a dark cesspit.

Anonymous said...

MEDS MELV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MEDS !!!!!!!! NOW !

Anonymous said...

Hilarious-now the nutter thinks Duggan was killed to keep him quiet.
Dear oh dear.These whispers Melvin-are they in your head?

MTG said...

My dear plod friend,

Never touch the stuff before 6pm but I rarely miss at least one generous after dinner tot.

MTG said...

WC Jaded's full time radiator position, is spent casting spells upon and smearing, plod critics.
Here she is, back in 2012, wishing her worst on the wheelchair-bound and very seriously ill, Jody McIntyre:-


April 15th, 2012 at 20:55
"a nasty little person who cannot take any criticism.He won’t be missed."

JuliaM said...

""Loved one" has mysteriously disappeared from this article!"

Ah! 'Stealth editing' is a critical skill at the 'Guardian'...

"...and further smear any of the Duggan family/supporters..."

Good lord, MTG! Is that even possible?

They are scum, through & through. The police need do nothing but let them be themselves, as Jaded points out...

"I am grateful that the police took time off from monitoring farcebook for possible offences created and made the public space a tad safer."

And so say all of us who are sane!

"Actually mate, the country shrugged and thought "they're out of control again"."

Spot on!

JuliaM said...

"New 'whispers' are even more alarming. Duggan may have been involved in covert 'dealings' with corrupt Met drugs police ..."

Mmmm. Was he on the grassy knoll too?

MTG said...

@ JuliaM

Far preferable to avoid this topic altogether, rather than expose an inability to control your consuming hatred of the late Mr Duggan. A hostility which bubbles and boils under the influence of your personal, racial catalyst.

And there has never been a shred of hard evidence to support the popular view that the deceased possessed a criminal record of any kind.

To mock a real possibility by borrowing the tired 'grasssy knoll' analogy, is further indication of your closed mind. I had already conceded my lack of knowledge of the latent complexities integral to this killing. It may be that your reasoning 'took the day off'.

The next time you blog about plod executing a 'coloured' (Oxford Dictionary, dear) I am resolved to sparing myself a pointless read.