Monday 20 October 2014

I’ve Said It Before & I’ll Say It Again…

…we don’t need a Dangerous Dogs Act.

We don’t need to ‘clamp down’ on dangerous dogs.

We need to clamp down on the people that own them!
The owner of a dog that killed an 11-month-old baby girl later sent her mother sick online abuse threatening to kill her and have sex with her corpse, a court heard.
 Yes, the hits just keep on coming from these ghastly specimens of humanity...
Paul Huxley, defending, said his client felt "utter regret" about what his dog did in February. He said: "Since then he has been the subject of abuse from members of the public. Miss King’s mother, Claire King, has called him a murderer in a text message."
 Awwww, wait, wait, I have just the thing!

But the lawyer's just hitting his stride! You see, poor Lee's the real victim here:
Mr Huxley said it was a terrible situation for everyone involved.
He told the court: "It wasn’t his fault the child died, that was the last thing he wanted, He has let the stress, which he is not sharing with anyone, bubble over.
"It has come out in comments to Chloe who is also going through a terrible time. It has been the worst year of both of their lives to say the least."
Yeah. Those are called consequences.

And once again, this most recent case is a carbon copy of the previous one - chavs, complaints ignored, complacent authorities, child dead.


Anonymouslemming said...

I have a Staffordshire Terrier that I got for free (I believe 'rescued' is the cool term for this) when she was 5 years old.

People have literally run screaming from her in the street while she was walking on a loose leash at my side, purely based on her appearance and their preconceptions.

Yet she's the most harmless dog you could ever wish to meet. We spend around 5 hours a week on training (1 hour at club, 1 hour formal training, 3 hours informal). We make sure she is regularly exercised and socialised. She travels with us. She goes to dinner with us at pubs. She goes down and sits on command, stays where she is told to, and doesn't touch anything that isn't hers. Friend's kids learned her name before they learned ours while riding on her, learning to walk by scooting on her and pulling her ears (all while under very close supervision).

I'm prepared to agree that some dogs are more predisposed to violence than others. I'm also willing to admit that the daschund I used to own was more likely to harm other people and dogs than my current dog, purely because I didn't do the right things with her. Mainly, animals respond to their owners and their environment. If you've got a dog that you're not confident in, keep them on a leash, get them the right training (mine costs us a whole 10 quid a week!) and help them.

I'd far rather see people punished than their dogs punished because I've never met a dog that couldn't be a lovable, safe pet in the right circumstances.

MTG said...

Nah. It will be sufficient to clamp down on the people who own them.

Kath Lissenden said...

i've said it before I will say it again .
It's the owners that need training NOT the dogs.
Most dogs are not predisposed to violence unless badly treated or ill trained.
i am so tired of dogs being blamed for human irrisponsibility.

Anonymous said...


Check out Banksy's breathtaking 'meisje' in the DM, Julia.

DtP said...

So....the owner of a dog that killed a baby then sent the mother abusive messages....err...okay dokay...err...well.

JuliaM said...

"I'm prepared to agree that some dogs are more predisposed to violence than others. "

Or, if not 'more predisposed', simply capable of causing greater damage.

"So....the owner of a dog that killed a baby then sent the mother abusive messages....err...okay dokay...err...well."

Chavs, innit?