Friday 17 October 2014

It Could Have Been Much Worse…

…it could have tasted of Burger King waffle:
The 22-year-old mother, from Hove, said she bought the waffle at the drive-through Burger King in Goldstone Retail Park, Hove, on Sunday.
But when she bit into her food she noticed a strange chemical taste and spat it out. She said: “I bought a waffle and it was covered in bleach.
“I had a couple of bites and it tasted funny so I spat it out. I got out of the car and was spitting it out and I could smell bleach.”
So you drove straight back to the drive-through, contaminated item in hand, to complain, right?

Wait, you didn’t?

Well! How unexpected!
“I went to my mum’s and phoned them up to complain and warn them and they hung the phone up on me.
“Then I rang the police because I had my one-year-old son with me and if he had eaten it, he could have been seriously burned.”
Anyone else? Oh, of course, the local rag. I mean, that goes without saying…
“I still have the waffle so that the police and environmental health can investigate.”
Do you indeed?
A spokeswoman for Brighton and Hove City Council said: “We have received a complaint and will be looking into the allegations.”
Sussex Police said the incident was “not being treated as a deliberate act” at this time.
A spokesman for Burger King said they had received no other similar complaints.
Hmmm. Do I smell a rat?
Environmental Health officials have taken away the remains of the waffle for testing.
And if it’s found to have been contaminated with bleach, I’m sure it can only have been at Burger King itself, and not somewhere else.



Anonymous said...

Yes, people really do ring the police when their food tastes funny.
Cut crime and do nothing else said Theresa May.

Anonymous said...

So, poisoning food isn't a crime?

wpc jilted said...

trik qweschun innit

Anonymous said...

If she was still there, at Boiger King, why the fuck did she drive to he Mother's to phone Boiger King up and complain? What a load of chav scum bollocks

JuliaM said...

"So, poisoning food isn't a crime?"

I suspect the police have the same doubts about this story as I do...

"What a load of chav scum bollocks"