Friday 24 October 2014

Oh, For Heaven's Sake..!

“We thought we were using the wi-fi for a good fortnight and there was nothing to suggest it had disconnected.
"We didn't know we were using up all these charges for the internet at a premium rate.
“As far as I was aware, the wi-fi was connected. I wasn’t informed otherwise.“
Really? You mean, apart from these little symbols on your Nokia Lumia that tell you what you are connected to?

No wonder Vodaphone charged you a £381 cancellation fee. Consider it an Idiot Tax.
"Now they are threatening to take me to court - it's frightening that they can bully you this way.
"I might have to sell my van just to afford it, by I rely on that for my livelihood, I don't know where to turn."
After the single father-of-one dispute (sic) the bill he was then informed he had been blacklisted by Vodafone.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


John M said...

Some people should not be allowed technology...

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX I don't know where to turn.XX

Then you are a positive danger on the road and SHOULD get rid of the van.

JuliaM said...

"Some people should not be allowed technology..."

Indeed! And it's nice to see they don't all work in my office...