Wednesday 22 October 2014

It’s Not The Local Newspaper You Should Be Talking To, Is It?

A mum who was mugged in the car park outside her Manor Park flat has urged the council to find her somewhere safe to live.
That’s the council’s job now? Can’t adults be reasonably expected to find somewhere to live without the smothering embrace of the State?

Of course, she’s not really an adult. She’s a social housing tenant.
Afia, who has a 16-month-old daughter, says she is anxious to move elsewhere as she is “extremely” concerned for their safety.
“I was punched in the face for £40,” Afia said.
“I have a little baby - what if she was with me?
“I don’t like leaving my flat when it’s dark because is not safe for us to live here but the council keep saying the same thing, that they can’t do anything about our situation.”
That’s right. They can’t do much. And what they can do, you need to help them with:
In a statement, Newham Council said: “We take reports of crime and anti-social behaviour very seriously and are committed to ensuring that our residents live in neighbourhoods where they feel safe.
“We have repeatedly contacted the tenant to ask her to provide the details of the police officer involved in her case.
“Once we have further information from the police, we will be able to identify whether the tenant can be moved to a new property due to harassment and anti-social behaviour.
“So far, the tenant has failed to respond to our repeated requests for information.
“We will make further attempts to contact her for this information.”
Gosh, I wonder why she’d rather squeal to the local paper than answer your (perfectly reasonable) questions?


Anonymous said...

“I was punched in the face for £40,”

What a waste of money. I'd do it for half of that.

Bucko said...

"Since the attack, Afia has been staying at her mum’s house"

Problem solved. Stop her housing payments.

Furor Teutonicus said...

AA Afia Begum,AA

A nigger.

No fucking offence then is there. She does not like it go back to nigger-land.

Anonymous said...

What would these people do if the One Stop Arse Wipe Shops didn't exist eh? I think we should find out.

JuliaM said...

"What a waste of money. I'd do it for half of that."


"Problem solved. Stop her housing payments."

Good point!