Saturday 11 October 2014

Thames Valley Police: Now Hiring Liars And/Or Morons!

A man who filmed himself shooting swans on the River Thames and uploaded the footage to Facebook has…
Been sent to the Tower?
avoided jail.
Ah. Of course.
Redouane Flissi, 22, of Slough, admitted shooting the birds with an air pistol on May 8. Thames Valley Police said he uploaded the video to Facebook which was seen by members of the public.
He was arrested on May 8 and also damaged a book belonging to police while he was held in custody. Flissi was charged with injuring a wild bird and criminal damage to a property valued under £5,000.
A textbook case, butting up against the notorious leniency of the justice system.
He was handed a suspended sentence of 16 weeks imprisonment, suspended 12 months and fined £85, police said.
Not that the police seem to have noticed this:
Investigating officer PC Robin Nickless, from Windsor police station, said: “This offender was so brazen as to put a video of the act on Facebook, and to write that the act was committed against a swan, in Windsor.
“This conviction shows how it is completely unacceptable to injure any animal on the River Thames, especially a bird belonging to the Queen. Any offenders caught will be swiftly brought to justice.”
You call that ‘justice’? Are you an idiot?

And if not...who are you trying to kid, yourself or us?


Anonymous said...

Just because someone is 'brought to justice' doesn't mean that 'justice' will be seen to be done. When someone is put before the court, then whatever happens next has little or nothing to do with the Police. The ultra liberal, tree hugging, buffoons we have on the benches, magisterial or judicial, see to that. I've lost count of the number of times I saw colleagues shaking their heads in disgust or anger at so called punishments handed down to thieves, burglars and thugs.
Over to you Melv.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Julia,the headline you put on this one is pandering to the a certain buffoon who will be along in a minute no doubt.
It's hardly the polices fault that the judicial system is useless.
As for the quote from the PC-they are made up by the media department.He is not allowed to say "he should be strung up by his balls",even though most of us think it.

MTG said...

A reasonable person will understand and agree with the spirit of your post, Julia. Incompetent plod, coupled with an equally shambolic legal procedure, went as far as 'practicable' in pursuit of this protected Muslim.

Redouane Flissi did face justice in the minor sense of the word and the screaming semi-literate have scored a bye.

@ WC Jaded
Went the English course well, dear?

Anonymous said...

And there he a big fat bluebottle around a freshly laid turd. Gawd bless yer Melv. How was 'Plod' incompetent? They nicked chummy, the CPS agreed to charge the waste of oxygen but it was the bench what let him orf lightly!
The only annoying thing is that Pc Witless had to spout anything - let alone the modern ploddlygook bollocks! 'Bwazen...against a SWAN! IN WINDSOR! etc.... what a bunt!

Anonymous said...

"Redouane Flissi".

Beautiful British name.
But then we are talking Slough.

MTG said...

A small turnout of cowardly, anonymous back-up is somewhat disappointing.

I did expect at least some of the usual 'twat', 'cunt' or 'fucking loony' coprolalia. There are no references to 'meds', the asylum window, white gown and institutional accoutrements.

'Big fat bluebottle' has the all the characteristics of an own goal, Ranter. Wouldn't you say?

Anonymous said...

Nice one Melv.... now take yer meds or nursey will have to put the nappy on again!


Anonymous said...

It wouldn't be as entertaining if Melv decided to comment using the English language instead of some dyslexic Esperanto dialect. Nevertheless, he is as entitled to his opinion - if anyone can figure out what it is - as anyone else. Just think how boring life would be without him.

MTG said...

Frank admissions reveal fundamentals to character. The frustrating condition of incomprehensibility cannot coexist with entertainment. Only a liar would suggest this...particularly one for whom the skills and success of others are further sources of resentment.

Thus the mentally weak passively endure the mediocrity of low rank policing until that inevitable and equally uneventful, retirement.

Penise, verstehen Sie mich?

JuliaM said...

"The ultra liberal, tree hugging, buffoons we have on the benches, magisterial or judicial, see to that."

Agreed. So police spokesmen should stop using the term.

"It's hardly the polices fault that the judicial system is useless."

Stop claiming credit for it when it works, then.

"Beautiful British name.
But then we are talking Slough."