Wednesday 29 October 2014

Hold The Front Page, We’ve Found The New Rosa Parks!

A tattoo shop worker has launched a campaign to counter discrimination against people who display their tattoos after being refused entry to a nightclub.
Oh, for…!
Miss Lane added: "When people see my tattoos the reaction is that they are interested in them.
"One in five people have tattoos, it's getting more socially acceptable, so it's wrong to stereotype people who have them as thugs."
It’s entirely up to the owner who he lets in – if he says ‘No tattoos’, that’s it. You ain’t comin’ in!
The club is owned by Northallerton businessman George Crow, who was unavailable for comment. An employee confirmed the club's policy that tattoos cannot be on show in the venue.
He added: "I believe it is the owner's preference."
Mine too. A few discreetly-covered tattoos are find, but the sort of extravagant display that men (and increasingly, women) go in for these days is too much.

And as Longrider points out:
" discriminating against tats a breach of human rights, which is the undercurrent of the BBC piece? Oh, do me a favour, please. No one is born with tats or piercings. They are a choice and as with all choices there are other factors to consider. If you get your body inked that’s up to you, but be prepared to accept that not everyone will like it and if that someone is an employer, well, you did it to yourself and you have no one else to blame. You may love your tats. That doesn’t and shouldn’t give you carte blanche to force others to accept them on their premises or to employ you, for that is their choice. No one has a right to a job."
Spot on!


Ian Hills said...

People covered with tattoos - male and female - all look like violent nutters to me, and I steer clear of them.

The old saying "you can't always judge a book by its cover" implies that you usually can.

MTG said...

"People covered with tattoos...look like violent nutters to me, and I steer clear of them."

Tattoos bolster those with low self esteem and are symbolic of repressed feelings/ideal projections. 'I am hard' or 'I am attractive', are sad confirmations of little truth in those proclamations.

However be especially cautious when dealing with armed plod brandishing the word 'HATE' on either the fingers or forehead.

Anonymous said...

Completely unrelated post Melvin but you couldn't resist your usual sad little dig.
I'm almost embarrassed for you.

MTG said...

Almost? Show some commitment, Jaded.

Anonymous said...

I've just owned you on the OOL blog MTG,don't make me almost do it on here as well.

MTG said...

"...don't make me almost do it on here as well."

Take the stage, Jaded. I adore clown acts.

JuliaM said...

"People covered with tattoos - male and female - all look like violent nutters to me..."

It's the 'covered with' that puts me off. One or two, fine. But it's almost like an obsession with some people!