Thursday 9 October 2014

So...What Happened?

Dugard Avenue and Straight Road were blocked off on July 30 after a mental health professional was escorted to a property by police.
A 43-year-old allegedly pulled a gun on them.
They fled, the area was sealed off, and armed police brought a man under control using Tasers and batons.
Hurrah! Our boys in blue, protecting society by...

Wait. What?
However the suspect has been released from his bail with no further action being taken
He is also no longer being detained under the Mental Health Act.
What gives?


MTG said...

Tarantino seeking film rights?

Another big popcorn helping, Julia.

Bucko said...

He must have been a local councillor

ivan said...

One can't help wondering exactly what part of the world he originated from.

Maybe someone played the race card?

Ian Hills said...

Perhaps the unnamed suspect is the local Police and Crime Commissioner.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you one thing, the critical incident log was filled in correctly and the correct H&S guidelines followed. Maybe the Nigerian CPS rep at the nick had some input? Remember, charging decisions are no longer made by the police.

Jim said...


Flaxen Saxon said...

Me reckons......Diplomatic impunity.

andy5759 said...

Common Purpose.

Jim said...

Actually on re-reading the article it looks more like monumental cock-up on the part of the mental health authorities, and then the police.

It says the police were escorting a mental health professional to the house, and a firearm 'appeared' to be waved at them.

I'd take this to mean that for some reason (tip off by the neighbours/relatives/whatever) the mental health decided this guy had to be sectioned. They tend to do this in conjunction with the cops (a friend of mine's brother gets sectioned regularly, he's loony tunes and the mental health always turn up mob handed with the police). These all turn up, the guy kicks off (understandably, whether or not he's barking, who want to to be sectioned?) and some bright spark thinks he or she has seen a gun. Cue the rest of the story.

Then once the guy has been done over, it turns out there is no gun, they were mistaken, and to cap it all, there's nothing wrong with him mentally and they don't have grounds to hold him on that either.

JuliaM said...

"He must have been a local councillor"

It would explain the men in white coats... ;)

"Perhaps the unnamed suspect is the local Police and Crime Commissioner."

As would that! :D

"Me reckons......Diplomatic impunity."

Ooh, another likely contender!

"Then once the guy has been done over, it turns out there is no gun, they were mistaken..."