Monday, 6 October 2014

It’s A Funny Sort Of ‘Apartheid’ If You Can Choose Not To Be Governed By It…

Anyone wearing “facial coverings” who wants to enter the galleries of federal parliament will be made to sit in a separate shielded section, according to new rules announced on Thursday.
Fair enough. I bet I’d get short shrift if I tried to enter in full motorcycle gear too. It’s just good manners, not to mention, security.
The new regulations, sent out to MPs, senators and parliamentary staff, do not specifically mention burqas but it follows days of heated debate about allowing women to wear the Islamic garment into public areas of parliament house.
And of course, the usual suspects are a-weepin’ and a-rendin’ of their garments…
Comments by the prime minister on Wednesday that he did not support a ban but wished women did not wear them were slammed as divisive and harmful. Asked about potential moves to ban the garment in parliament house, Abbott had replied that it was not the business of government to tell people what they should or shouldn’t wear, however “I’ve said before, I find it a fairly confronting form of attire and frankly I wish it weren’t worn.”
Rather a demure response for your typical blunt-speaking Aussie, you might think?
Opposition manager of business, Tony Burke, told Sky News it was a “dumb” message to send, and accused the prime minister of acting like an opposition leader and choosing a divisive path when he should remember he’s the leader of the entire nation.
Ummm, what? Who’s choosing that path here, exactly?
The Greens senator Richard Di Natale said it was “a shameful day”.
“We’re at risk of creating some form of Muslim apartheid right now,” he said.
Seems to me that that’s exactly what they themselves are at risk of creating.


Ted Treen said...

Of course, but on the whole, we're white and indigenous and they're not.

So i's obviously gotta be our fault.

It's 'cos I is white, innit?

Anonymous said...


Is it because the people debating this issue are absolutely useless? Anyone else could understand a basic risk assessment.

James Higham said...

when he should remember he’s the leader of the entire nation

Yes, Cameron could be called 'interesting' if it weren't for his destructiveness.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX he should remember he’s the leader of the entire nation XX

No. He is not, actualy. Like it or not, the colony is still lead by the Queen.

JuliaM said...

"It's 'cos I is white, innit?"


"But this is Australia we're talking about, and it wouldn't happen anywhere else."

France ... ?

"Like it or not, the colony is still lead by the Queen."