Saturday 18 October 2014


A concrete firm boss has been found not guilty of killing an employee who was crushed by a cement mixer truck.
A jury at Chelmsford Crown Court acquitted Simon Bromley, 45, of the manslaughter of Lee Balkwell.
That’s this long-running saga, of course.
Bromley was found guilty of a second charge of failing to ensure the health and safety of his employee.
A much lesser charge. And a supporting comment for Essex Police from the defence:
Speaking for the defence, Peter Rowlands said Essex Police had described Mr Balkwell's death as a "tragic accident" in 2002.
But an inquest in 2008 ruled he had been unlawfully killed. In his conclusion, Mr Rowlands told the court police had originally "got this right" when they did not prosecute Bromley.
Did they? So, we’re to judge the appropriateness of charges purely by the success (or otherwise) of the court case, are we?

That'll upset the Op Yewtree crowd!


MTG said...

That faint whiff of FreeMasonry hangs in the air again, Julia.

Never mind. It's not as if the All Seeing Eye was blinkered to a death connected to Bro Bromley's commercial-scale, illegal drugs farming, is it?

...oh, hold on...

Anonymous said...

Melvin,any more old, off-post quotes you want to publish on here? You really are losing it...

Anonymous said...

Ok Gawd, he's on about Freemasons and the Police now...there's no hope. Doo dee do dee do deee do do do do!

That's just Sooooo 80's Melv.

JuliaM said...

"That faint whiff of FreeMasonry hangs in the air again, Julia."

Really, MTG? I doubt it's as influential as people seem to think..