Sunday 12 October 2014

Well, If There’s To Be A ‘Silly Season’ Lasssssst Hurrah…

…might as well make it a good one:
The world's largest venomous snake could be to blame for the rising number of cats that have disappeared from a West Sussex town.
Hang on, the world’s largest venomous snake? Wouldn’t that be a …?
A king cobra has been spotted outside East Grinstead's Queen Victoria Hospital by resident Trevor Gamble.
Well, blow me down! That would be something to strike fear into the hearts of residents! Never mind the cats, what about the people?
He immediately dialled 999 but was told the incident was not an emergency and then advised to call the RSPCA.
Ummm, what? What could be more of an emergency, unless you think the bloke’s having you on? And if you do think that, why go overboard when someone reports a lion on the loose (which is just as unlikely)?
Dave Breden, of the East Sussex Reptile and Amphibian Society, thought Mr Gamble must be mistaken. He said: "Quite often I've been called out to deal with a 10ft python on the loose, only to find a three–foot corn snake."
Quite! And I suspect the only cobra Mr Gamble’s familiar with is the one he orders with his curry

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately know of this person and story is fabricated. Lots of cats and small dogs have gone missing around this area and nearby. Prob down to people stealing them for bad purposes. This is really what the police,etc should be looking into.