Saturday 4 October 2014

I Feel Safer On The Streets Of Bolton, Don't You?

Anti-Islamic messages stuck on lampposts in Astley Bridge have been condemned by police.
Gosh! What did they say? Something untrue?
Stickers penned with “Islam barbaric” and “Evil Islam” were posted on traffic lights and lampposts in Blackburn Road yesterday morning.

Well, a religion that dictates sexual apartheid, stoning for adultery and homosexuality and animals slaughtered by throat-cutting without pre-stunning sounds pretty barbaric to me. And taking a sick pleasure in filming yourself cutting the throat of a helpless civilian seems pretty evil too.

Where should I turn myself in, Bolton Police?
Police said “robust action” would be taken against anyone caught posting racist or offensive messages in public or online.
Pity your colleagues in Rotherham didn’t take it against organised grooming rings…
Det Insp Charlotte Cadden, from Bolton North Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “Because the content of the stickers was insulting, we have recorded a hate incident rather than a hate crime.
"We take robust action wherever possible and drive prosecutions, where the level of abuse or threats warrants it.”
So…a ‘hate incident’ is one where no actual crime has been committed, but someone’s feelings have been hurt and so the police now feel duty bound to record it?

I hereby nominate DI Cadden for a Neville Chamberlain award!
Fiyaz Mughal, director of the Tell MAMA Campaign — Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks — said: “This is mischievous and all of us as communities should send a message that we are united in our stance against any form of bigotry and hate.”
Funny, I can’t seem to find Tell MAMA’s statement on hostage-murder or the posting of ‘No gays allowed’ signage?


MTG said...

Any remaining integrity and public regard is lost when plod sell out to local politicians; mouthing the views of the latter in exchange for corrupt advancement over honest rivals.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure had you been elected Melvin you would have been pushing your warped agenda as well.Unlikely to happen of course.

Twenty_Rothmans said...

Fiyaz Mughal, director of the Tell MAMA Campaign — Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks
The director of Tell MA Campaign - Measuring Muslim Attacks was too busy to comment.

Hey, DI Cadden! I hate Indian food. I hate other people's farts. I hate soccer! It's a fair cop, you got me bang to rights, I'll put my hand up for these hate crimes.

I also hate quislings, by the way.

Furor Teutonicus said...

DD Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks DD

What? like.... "This one is six foot two inches, that one is only three foot, OHHHH we have one here that is seven foot long." THAT kind of thing?

Anonymous said...

Bolton - another Metropolis where pigs and Muslims sit at the same table to consume young white girls.

MTG said...

Our dubitative plod army is thoroughly corrupt. On the plus side, options for dealing with these rogues are substantially reduced.

JuliaM said...

"Presumably the police weren't able to threaten "robust action" (?) in that case due to lack of resources or torree cutz..."


"The director of Tell MA Campaign - Measuring Muslim Attacks was too busy to comment."


"The extreme Islamopandering of Bolton Police and candidature for British Neville Award has been noted."

They need an 'in perpetuity' award... :/