Saturday 18 October 2014

It Seems What’s ‘Unacceptable’ Is Rather Fluid, If You’re Police…

A man wanted on suspicion of assault after a woman suffered "life-changing" injuries from suspected dog bites at a kennels has been named by police.
Nijamul Islam, 41, of Edgware, London, is believed to have run the compound housing about 100 dogs at Warren Farm in Great Amwell, Hertfordshire.
An odd name for a man allegedly involved in the four-legged mantrap business, but you’ll note he doesn’t actually live anywhere near the compound containing his furry missiles.
Hertfordshire Police said the animals had been kept in "unacceptable" conditions and it was working with the RSPCA and East Herts District Council to deal with their welfare.
Really? How strange. Because these premises were perfectly acceptable for this other chap’s animals.

The RSPCA euthanized a lot of dogs at the site due to their ‘ill health’ or ‘aggressive nature’. I wonder if they used the same methods they were so keen to hide the last time they were called out to these sort of dogs?


Ian Hills said...

A bolt gun is the only solution, and it should be used on the dogs as well.

Anonymous said...

M_E_E_E_E_E_E_E_LV_I_I_I_I_I_I_N !

Wherefore art thou you mad old sod! Police story PLUS dags so where is the unintelligible discombobulating anti-police comment?

Did Nurse Ratchet make you take your meds?

MTG said...

Good afternoon Anonymous,

Having repeatedly mistaken you for plod, please accept my sincere and profuse apologies for those baseless errors.

I have always credited members of the most modest professions, with wafer-thin veneers of literacy and refinement.

Misspelling the fictional character featuring in your many references, indicates your inability to satisfy the lowest plod entry requirements in our History. Discover the rewards for the talent-challenged by using Sundays to find voluntary work. And good luck!

JuliaM said...

"...and it should be used on the dogs as well."