Thursday 16 October 2014

That'll Teach Her! Part 457812

The 19-year-old had claimed she was assaulted in Friargate in August, leading to a police appeal and investigation, but she was found to have made up the story.
She has been issued with a fixed penalty notice and fined for wasting police time, but detectives have said the case should not put off victims who are seeking help.
£90...? It's an insult.
Detective Chief Inspector Matt Walker of North Yorkshire Police said ..."When dealing with an incident which has proven not to have taken place, we take into account the circumstances which led to the person making a false report. Each case is different and each person has varying needs.
"It is not always appropriate to put that person through the criminal justice system. Every effort is made to ensure the person gets the relevant support and assistance they need if that is the most appropriate course of action."
She's the real victim, you see....


Ian Hills said...

I believe it was Samuel Butler's novel Erewhon where the guilty were treated as sick, and the sick were treated as criminals. Today they're even executed -

JuliaM said...

"Today they're even executed..."