Wednesday, 1 October 2014

They’ve Got Nothing On Wackademics, Dr Ellis…

Dr Ellis said: 'Cats are the ultimate control freaks.’
Oh, really? Just how do you explain this, then?
Dr Sarah Ellis wants to see a one-cat-per-household policy imposed to slash the feline population in urban areas.
That sounds like a pretty textbook definition of a control freak to me…


Clarissa said...

Is this a bid to cut down on the number of mad old cat ladies?

No names mentioned, of course. :)

dfordoom said...

I'd like to see policies implemented to slash the academic population. A humane cull of academics.

Anonymous said...

If only the bloody cats would stay in the homes of their owners and not crap in my garden and catch the birds enlivening my piece of urban greenery....l

Ted Treen said...


I nearly agree with you old lad, but why "humane"?

Ted Treen said...


What's wrong with mad cat ladies? I happen to be married to one.

I happily accept that I'm a mad cat man, too.

However, we've made some 65% of our garden into a fully enclosed meshed cat-run (think large aviary) so:-
a) They don't get out & become traffic fatalities
b) They can't get at wildlife and hurt them (barring the odd insect, I suppose)
c) Other wildlife can't get at the cats & harm them
d) They can't give the neighbours something to whinge about.
Old cat people? Yes, we are, but perhaps not too mad or crazy, after all...

Bucko The Moose said...

How about if I leave the cat door open and the cats can choose to come in if they wish?

Is there a limit then?

Ed P said...

Will it be mandatory? I have zero cats presently and do not want one imposed on me - I cannot kill the ones trespassing in my garden quick enough as it is.

PS: for humourless cat lovers, this is a joke

MTG said...

I just hate all the extra work created by stray cats once they have entered my garden.

They blunt the blades and foul the inner chain drives to the Honda cylinder mower. And I can't begin to describe that stinking, congealed mess they leave on the scarifier.

JuliaM said...

"No names mentioned, of course. :)"

Guilty as charged! :D

"However, we've made some 65% of our garden into a fully enclosed meshed cat-run..."

I wish that was practical in my garden. All but newly-adopted stray are house-only cats.