Saturday 20 July 2013

I Knew There Was More Than One Reason I Loathed Benjamin Zephaniah...

Benjamin Zephaniah - the darling of the progressive teaching organisations - on the running of the bulls in Pamplona:
Some Spanish aficionados are uniquely blind to the carnage, going so far as to propose – in a recent initiative currently under consideration by the culture committee of the Spanish congress of deputies – that this blood sport be granted legal protection as a "cultural pastime". In 2013, in an otherwise civilised society, seeking such a designation for gratuitous slaughter is perverse.
Yup, he's a PETA devotee...
Over the next few days, my friends at Peta will be forcing the Spanish government to acknowledge the body count by sending people to Pamplona to lie inside 48 coffins, in homage to the four dozen bulls who are killed every year at the Festival of San Fermín – just a fraction of the 40,000 bulls slaughtered annually in bullfights across Spain.
Wow! That's even more animals than PETA themselves kill..!


Joe Public said...

At least it's not totally one-sided.




DavefromTacoma said...

It always makes me laugh when an English newspaper or one from the east coast of the USA runs a story about rodeos, in particular bull-riding. You'll get all those commenters going on about the cruelty to the bulls. What a laugh. A bull-riding bull basically spends its day eating and pooping, and then, ounce a day, spends a minute or two beating the snot out of a cowboy. When the bull gets old it's put out to stud.

They'll interview bull-riders about the various injuries they've had and the list will be long and gory. Broken this and that, torn a long list of things, ruptured various organs, concussions, etc. Never heard of a bull getting injured.

Here's a little bull versus bull-rider action to illustrate this:

(BTW, whenever they have PBR on TV down at my local tavern the whole bar will cheer for the bull. Nothing makes us stool-jockeys happier than watching some cowboy stagger off after he just got his clock cleaned.)

JuliaM said...

"At least it's not totally one-sided."

Yup! They should rename it 'The Darwin Award Run'..

"Never heard of a bull getting injured."

All that stamping and goring must be quite tiring after a while, though... ;)

Diesel said...

"48 volunteers to lie in coffins"

Just nail the lids shut and bury them then. 48 fewer regular benefit payments. Win-win

DtP said...

Geez Louise - there should be a health warning on the CiF comments. It's like a parallel lives microcosm of people you never want to meet.