Thursday 18 July 2013

Maybe You Should Withhold Your Council Business Taxes?

When police arrived at the city centre squat on Bartholomews in Brighton they found Baron Estates representatives, who own the property, being sprayed with fire extinguishers as they attempted to evict the occupants, watched by a growing crowd.
That's assault. Can we look forward to arrests?
A police spokesman said: “The call came from an occupant of the property to report someone was trying to break in.
“Officers discovered the attempt to enter the property was being made by representatives of the owner, who had obtained a possession order.
“The occupants were squirting fire extinguishers and throwing items.
So, do your job!
“Police advised the owner to obtain sheriff's officers to assist with the eviction and to advise police in advance. Along with her staff, she left the area around 2.45pm.”
No, wait, I meant, do the job you're supposed to do! Not do the modern, politically-correct, avoid confrontation at all costs unless the odds are massively in your favour, job!
Just two hours after police left the area, squatters were seen to be using ladders to gain access to the property once more.
One squatter, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “They smashed a window and threatened us with a crowbar even though they were repeatedly told that what they were doing was against the law.
“We called the police, but when they arrived they showed no concern for our safety and simply stood by ignoring the legal documents we showed them which proved the illegality of Baron Estates attempted eviction.”
And you freeloading scum are such believers in respect and decency and the law, are you?
Marie Geraghty, 37, store manager of Space NK, said: “For the last two weeks, their behaviour has really disrupted my business. … A spokeswoman for Little Coffee Company, two doors down from the squatters, said: “We would have usually had a very busy day, but the negative atmosphere about the place has meant for pretty slow trade.”
Start withholding your business rates, then. You know, the ones that are used to provide a police 'service' that's supposed to work for you...


Furor Teutonicus said...

XX they were repeatedly told that what they were doing was against the law. XX


The baliffs had a possesion order. That superceeds all previous orders.

HOW was it "against the law???"

Anonymous said...

If they used fire extinguishers found in the property, that's theft (of the contents - a tangible object); if they used them against people, that's assault; if they unlawfully entered property as trespassers and used violence to others, that's aggravated burglary. Oh for the days when Police officers actually upheld the law and didn't act like politically hobbled social workers. We're doomed!