Tuesday 23 July 2013

Open Prisons, Revolving Doors...

A prisoner has disappeared from an open jail for the second time, it has emerged. Mark Donnison, 43, who was serving a sentence at Hollesley Bay, in Suffolk, was discovered missing Monday morning. He also absconded from North Sea Camp open prison in Lincolnshire last year.
And if the place sounds familiar, well....
A kidnapper on the run from an open prison for more than a week has been recaptured by police in Suffolk. Daniel Best, 25, absconded from Hollesley Bay Prison, near Woodbridge, on the evening of 5 July.
Not that normal prisons are that much better, when they let you out on day release to kill again:
Police have arrested a man they had wanted to speak to in connection with a knife murder in Hertfordshire.
Ian John McLoughlin, 55, was arrested at 01:00 BST in London on suspicion of robbery and murder. Police had appealed for information on his whereabouts after Graham Buck, 66, died intervening in a suspected robbery in a Hertfordshire village on Saturday and another man was hurt.
McLoughlin was on day release from prison, serving a sentence for murder.
H/T: CJ Nerd via email


Rielouise said...

I always find the concept of an 'open prison' really funny because it's oxymoronic, isn't it? Or maybe just moronic.

JuliaM said...

Definitely the latter.