Thursday 25 July 2013

Spot The Difference...

Animal 'mistreatment':
A retired vet woke to find a police torch being shone into his face when officers raided his home after the RSPCA received a tip-off that his two pet dogs were being maltreated.
A total of 13 officials – police, firemen and RSPCA officers – turned up unannounced in six vehicles at 70-year-old John Spicer’s home and broke down the door to get in while he was asleep.
Animal mistreatment:
The dog...has been abandoned in a dirty cage littered with debris and excrement.
Dog-owner Nicci, of Holymoorside, said she was disgusted and has since discovered residents have been complaining about the animal for over four months.
She said: “I’m an animal lover and I was shocked it had been left to suffer for so long.
“A lot of people on the street have reported it to the RSPCA.”
So...when's the raid?
A spokesman for the RSPCA said they could not give specific details about the case but had addressed issues at the site previously.
He added: “The RSPCA had received calls regarding the welfare of this dog and attended a number of times and advice was given to the owners and the issues addressed.
“We have now received new complaints regarding this dog and this will be dealt with separately and an officer will be sent to check the welfare of this dog again.”
'An officer'? Not a team? No raid? No arrest? Well, that's very odd.

But wait! Have I left something out? Why, yes. So I have...
The dog, which she believes belonged to travellers, has been abandoned in a dirty cage littered with debris and excrement.
Say no more...


Anonymous said...

RSPCA a bit Like Social Services. Those that they know will jump through the all the hoops put before them will be hounded. Those that are 'too difficult' get ignored.

JuliaM said...

Sadly true. Low hanging fruit is all they want to pick.