Tuesday 30 July 2013

Just A Thought, But Maybe The Problem Isn’t The Building..?

Yes, it's finally been retried and a verdict delivered (by fragrant jurors, one assumes):
Residents living near a nightclub where a young man was knifed to death described their fury today at a council’s decision to allow it to remain open.
… a Kingston council meeting, councillors were accused of “selling out” to the multi-million-pound Luminar Group that runs the club. Conservative councillormember Patrick Codd said: “What we have is an administration who have crumbled at the first whiff of pressure from, yet again, a big powerful company.”
So, an empty building would be preferable?
Local resident Tess Kind, 45, said: “It feels like nothing has really changed. People will continue to fight to close it down.”
Because it's the building that causes these savages to stab one another  you see. If not for the building, why, they'd all be tucked up in bed at 9:00 with a cup of cocoa  reading Jane Austen...


The Blocked Dwarf said...

The longer I live here the more I become convinced that your average Hard Working Brit wants a high street full of abandoned pubs, closed newsagents, closed sweet shops, closed cafe's infact a high street where every shop is boarded up,a charity shop or a fake 'business' (Advice & Kindergarten Centre For Elderly Lesbian Black Panthers With MS).

That which the fASHitos and Health Nazis don't put out of business, the Nimbys get the council to close for the sake of the children or to tax out of any profitability.

JuliaM said...

Well, certainly that's what the council (encouraged by a vocal minority) seems to want, certainly in Southend's newly built Victoria Circus which is still more than 50% empty.

Which is odd, as empty building = no business rates coming in.