Thursday 11 July 2013

The Green Party And The People They Attract...

A row has broken out between a Royal British Legion official and York’s Green Party leader, following Armed Forces Day activities in the city. As soldiers and veterans were manning stalls in Parliament Street in York to mark the event last Sunday, a group of peace protesters including the Green Party’s Coun Andy D’Agorne walked along the street and handed out anti-war literature.
Because that's the perfect day to flaunt your principles ego in public?
Coun D’Agorne said there was no intention to upset and it was coinicidence (sic) the Scotland to London peace vigil was in York on that day.
Yeah. Right. So convincing.
However, he questioned the Territorial Army’s “encouraging” of children to handle military equipment at the event.
…he said he found the military display of military equipment and guns intended to “entertain and excite young children” on the day was inappropriate.
Coun D’Agorne said: “Deranged action by lone individuals with firearms has led to tragic consequences in recent years. They are not toys and should not be presented to young children in our town centre and portrayed on TV in the hands of small children on the early evening news.”
I suspect, the media being infested with people of your peculiar ilk, Armed Forces Day wouldn't have rated a blip on the average newscasters radar if you hadn't been there to cause a fuss.

As you must have intended all along.

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Anonymous said...

I am reminded of the ultra left-wing councillor attending an open day at a nearby Army barracks and complainging about children being shown and taught about the light weapons used by ground troops. She stated that the children were being shown weapons of death. The answer that the British Army has very strict rules regarding the use of such equipment and that anyone having regular use of them is taught to use them in a disciplined matter. "But," she exclaimed, "by giving this equipment to young minds, you are turning them into killers." The Army Agt replied, "Madam, you are equipped with a vagina, but that doesn't automatically turn you into a prostitute, does it?" She walked away with replying. Nowadays, you just can't find a recruiting Sgt when you need one.