Wednesday 10 July 2013

No, Stevie, There's No 'But'...

Oasis Academy Shirley Park in Ashburton will hold a roundtable event on Thursday July 11 for locals to publically reject the protest by the English Volunteer Force (EVF). The EVF, an English Defence League splinter group, is to stage a rally at the UK Border Agency's Lunar House headquarters on July 27.
I'm guessing by 'locals' he really means activists and race hustlers and the usual suspects?
The meeting, hosted by Oasis founder Steve Chalke, will run from 7pm to 11pm. Mr Chalke, who is from Croydon, said: "Freedom of speech is an important part of life in Britain, but
Ah! The minute you see the 'but..' you know what you're dealing with.
… it is clear that the EVF is in no way attempting to make a positive contribution to debate or dialogue. "
And that's for you to judge? I don't think so.
"Instead, this protest is destined to spark fear and intimidation in Croydon’s communities and damage the borough’s reputation as a place of happy diversity and tolerance. "
Who knew that anyone could say that about Croydon with a straight face?!?!


Woman on a Raft said...

The Oasis Academy has a news feed on its front page:

In a matter of weeks, protesters will take to the streets of Croydon to campaign against the ‘Islamification of the UK’. However, thanks to a new coordinated response by a community-based charity, local residents will have the opportunity to make it clear that these protests are not in their name.

Local residents will apparently not be given the opportunity to say that they think the EVF might have a point and no, they don't agree with Islamification but welcome the Academy finally admitting that is the programme.

Should a school which is supposed to be getting on with educating children so that they can be self-supporting adults be trying to co-opt its pupils as racial enforcers?

"Oasis Trust (known as "Oasis") is a UK-based Christian registered charity. It was founded by the Reverend Steve Chalke in August 1985. Chalke had been assistant minister at Tonbridge Baptist Church, Kent, for four years. His aim was to open a hostel for homeless young people." (Wiki, Oasis Trust).

Perhaps Chalke could consider sticking up for his religion instead of promoting the one ideology which is absolutely dedicated to wiping it out.

Woman on a Raft said...

N.B. I got this all wrong at first and was about to carry on about how you don't get me protesting at the self-indulgent whinings of a popular beat combo. For several minutes I was working on a theory that one of them had left and taken up religion.

Dunno why they call it a church:

The network have three goals and five values which they practice daily.

The 3 goals are to be 24/7, Global and Holistic. Which isn't even in English

The 5 values are: Inclusion, Interdependence, Intimacy, Involvement and Influence

That sounds exactly like a recipe for child abuse.

I notice a distinct lack of God, Christ, or insistence that the way to salvation is through acceptance of Christ's divinity. It is so scrubbed clean of meaning that Richard Dawkins could attend and find nothing to object to. They don't even have a theology section, just a tab.

It is not a church.

Ian Hills said...

What's a state-sponsored academy doing meddling in politics?

Ranter said...

'Every Person Matters'...............pass the sick bag.

WOAR - excellent. OAsis and that Chalke chappie come across as very sinister.


James Higham said...

Interesting place, Croydon. Went there twice and there was also a Man from Croydon who changed his moniker as soon as he was able.

Sure Croydon must be heaven on earth for its residents.

JuliaM said...

"Perhaps Chalke could consider sticking up for his religion instead of promoting the one ideology which is absolutely dedicated to wiping it out."

That does seem to be a peculiar attitude to take, doesn't it? But, like the 'god-free' status, I suppose he's merely pushing what modern church leaders are telling him to.

And they wonder why there's fewer bums on pews every Sunday!

"Interesting place, Croydon."

As in the ancient Chinese curse..? ;)